Snacks & Treats

who said that eating healthy or sugar free or gluten free treats are not good? Just try one of our delicious treats and you will fall in love with them. Low carb, low sugar, sugar free, gluten free, you name it… we have it!
  All natural, cholesterol free and guilt free made of  fruit, seeds, nuts,  grains, cacao, dark chocolate,  mixes to enhance protein intake, or just for fun or tasty sweet or salty healthy snacks


Protein Loaded:

Brazil nuts, antioxidant mix, energy squares, hemp seeds, roasted hemp seeds, vegan protein mix.

Sweet Treats:

walnut dark chocolate fudge, pecan fudge, salted caramel fudge, peanut butter explosion fudge, exotic tropical fruit mix, season fruit mix

Salted Funny Snacks:

roasted plantain chips, asian mix, Wasabi peanuts, Japanese Peanuts, salted roasted chick peas, salted roasted corn nuts

Sugar Free or Sugarless:

banana oat muffins, Brownie Cake, Goji Chia cacao Brownie, Chocolate energy squares, fruit and seeds energy squares, sugar free dark chocolate fudge.


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