Brand Exclusive Products

All of our custom made formulas.

We feature exclusive formulas to boost your smoothies, juices, shakes and foods, cooking and baking mixes created for your health, support the whole family inmune system, help you get to your desired weight, move your metabolism, enhance sports performance and we also have special products for people with specific nutrition requirements. All our products have been created with the support of specialized professionals taking in account the purpose for which they have been created. Proper and balanced nutrition is sometimes not as easy as it seems, but by using our products you will find an easier way to be healthier and enjoy your wellbeing without worrying about routines or following extreme diets that requires a lot of time investment.





Gluten free formulas, low sodium seasonings and broth, sugar free and sugarless baking mixes that taste like heaven to make you enjoy while you eat healthy, adapted to your dietary needs, tasting superb dishes and guilt free!

Mediterranean seasoning


Ginger Onion Seasoning


Aged Balsamic salad sprinkle


Vegetable Broth

A vegan low sodium, Gluten free powder to make broth, soups or to season sauces.


Multigrain Crust

bread free and wheat free freshly ground selected grains, nuts and cereals naturally seasoned to prepare crusted melas like chicken fingers, breaded fish or meats.


Egg Replacer powder

Protein Oat pancake mix Plain or Cinnamon flavor, this is the best pancake ever and is low carb, sugar free and protein loaded perfect any time of the day.


Vegan Pancake mix

100% gluten free mix made of different bean flours and seeds, that can be prepared even with egg replacer for the vegan version or with bananas or eggs to make it totally Gluten free.





Sugarless Cookie mix:

Sugarless, gluten free cookie mix suitable for the whole family and diabetic friendly. Perfect to have fun with your kids and teach them to cook healthy treats.

Brownie Cake mix:

the ultimate gluten free, low carb, sugarless brownie mix to prepare smooth brownies with the original texture and dark chocolate flavor but with only 6 g of sugar, 114 calories and 8 g of carbohydrate each. The most perfect snack or dessert you have ever taste.


Protein Brownie mix:

Mix designed to prepare homemade natural and more nutritious without chemical protein bars with brownie flavor, good for any pre or post workout, and even for protein snacks instead of using chemical loaded commercial protein bars.