Tea and coffee Lounge

We have created special tea with healthy purposes but delicate and exquisite flavor so you can enjoy while supporting your health and nourish your body and mind.
Enjoy your freshly steeped hot tea or iced tea and better yet take a pack home and enjoy it anytime.


Skinny Tea®

Our SKINNY TEA® is a combination of 5 powerful herbs, roots and flowers which may assist weight loss by assisting in restoring the thermogenic metabolism to burn consumed calories and stored fat. This combination ignites your body’s fat-burning furnace, and your metabolism is raised for up to 2 hours after drinking it.


Jasmine Green Tea

Delicate mix of matcha, gunpowder and senchua, jasmine flowers, lemon peel and fresh lime enhances your mental focus and energize your body.


Feel Good

Mild green tea leaves, white tea, ginger powder, rose hips, raspberry sweet spices and purple mallow flower maximizes your health and takes you to the eternal youth level.


Sweet Dreams

Chamomile, peppermint, red raspberry leaf, lemon peel and valerian root brewed with lavender blossoms will fade away stress and fatigue to help your body and mind have real rest while sleeping.


Spiced Roobios

Totally caffeine free South African Rooibos (red tea), cinnamon, cloves and natural spice oils brewed with a cinnamon stick and cardamom to nurture your inner body and soul with more than 400 nutrients.


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