Smoothies & Shakes

We have exclusive 100% natural formulas to enhance all our smoothies and shakes to make them not green but Super Green, Super foods Shakes and Protein boosted shakes and frozens.

We do care about your health… Our smoothies, juices, teas and shakes are perfectly calculated to give your body what it deserves and most of all, we strive to help you reach your specific goals. So pick the one that fits you, or two or come daily! Ask about our weekly and monthly plan smoothies and shakes pairs excellent with maca and/or hemp seed.



Green & Energy Zone:

All our green, detox and energy smoothies are prepared with Nut Nuts exclusive powder FORMULAS all natural and 100% pure. Take our formulas home to indulge your body any time of day!


Supergreens® powerfull reconstituyent and immune system supporting organic mix of  spinach, Wheatgrass, green tea, barleygrass, spirulina, chlorella, Echinacea.
This is a perfect meal supplement to be taken daily!


Clean & Hydrate® (detox) cleansing and hydrating, fat burning and toxine re-leaser
formula made from Green tea, ginger, moringa, chlorella, gotu kola and wheatgrass.


Restore & Renew® restoring, antiaging fruit formula specially formulated to promote immune system and increase body cells
restoring and renewal by providing more than 42 antioxidants, vitamin C and others as well as  omega3. naturally made from goji berries, wild blueberry, pomegranate, echinacea, green tea and acai berry.


Natural Energy Mix® a energy boosting and drain mix loaded with moringa, guarana, green tea, ginger, spinach and Wheatgrass that helps support immune system while giving you extra energy to go through the day or just to improve that super training or game!


#1 Super Green Power Smoothie
Almond milk or fat free sugar free yogurt (your choice) mango, pineapple or papaya, coconut sugar, flax seed, chia powder and Nuts Nuts Supergreens® formula.


#2 Green Warrior Smoothie
Pineapple, avocado (optional), banana (optional), cucumber, celery stalks, chia powder, flax seed powder and Nuts Nuts Supergreens® formula.


#3 Body+Soul Ginger Detox Bliss
Cucumber, celery, pineapple, lime hemp seed, stevia with Nuts Nuts Clean & Hydrate® formula


#4 Age Defying Berry Smoothie
Almond milk or fat free sugar free yogurt (your choice), blueberry, strawberry, banana (optional), chia powder, cinnamon, Nuts Nuts Restore & Renew® formula.


#5 Energy Booster Green Smoothie
Mango, banana, strawberry, Celery,  lime juice and twice the strength with Supergreens® & Natural Energy Mix® formulas.


#6 Fat FLUSH Extreme Detox
Flush away all toxins with this liver cleanser juice RAW  beet, raw carrot, orange, ginger powder, coconut sugar, chia powder. This is an after party must!


Slimming & Protein zone:

All the smoothies or shakes pairs excellent with whey protein just add it for full protein snack, meal replacement, breakfast, pre or post training recovery drink!


#7  Strawberry Banana Nutty Smoothie
Almond milk or fat free sugar free plain yogurt (your choice), strawberry, banana, natural cashew and peanut butter and hemp seed.


#8  Berry Pineapple Shake
Almond milk or fat free sugar free yogurt (your choice), blueberries, strawberry, pineapple, flaxseed powder and chia powder.


#9  Double Chocolate Banana Nutty Shake
Almond milk or water, chocolate whey protein powder, dark chocolate peanut butter, Sugar free chocolate sauce topping, Banana, flax seed powder.


#10 Blueberry Nutty Shake
Almond milk or fat free sugar free yogurt (your choice), strawberries, blueberries, cashew or peanut butter, hemp seed and chia powder.


#11 Just Berry Nutty Shake
Strawberry, blueberry, almond milk, hemp seed, chia powder, nut butter.


#12 Bikini Ready Frozen
Green and red apple, cucumber, celery, lettuce, ginger powder, stevia.


#13 Protein Moka Frapuccino
Almond milk, espresso coffee, sugar free dark chocolate syrup, chocolate whey protein and your choice of: Stevia, coconut sugar, brown sugar or regular sugar.



#14 Green Tea Latte Frappe
Almond milk or fat free sugar free plain yogurt, natural pure organic green tea powder, dash of ginger (optional) and your choice of: Stevia, coconut sugar, brown sugar or regular sugar.


#15 Matcha Almond Milk Latte Frappe
Almond milk, organic matcha green tea, stevia or coconut sugar.


Cold Teas & Beverages



A delicious blend of flowers and spices that boost your methabolism, while drain all the toxins and fat from your body! A powerful natural diuretic. Sugar Free


An aromatic blend that helps you hydrate while burning fat and draining excess of
liquid and toxins. Sugar less.


Hungry and Thirsty? Snack Time? Then NUTS NUTS OATY CHIA is a must Try!  Fully Satisfying, sugar free, low carb, and all natural protein and omega 3 source is a perfect and delicious combination to keep you replenished  for few hours.


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