We are the only 100% Natural nuts & Healthy food stores.

And we are very proud of it! As true health lovers and eternal visitor of our stores, we saw the need for wellness stores.

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Our Nuts are 100% fresh and roasted daily with our exclusive method!

We import from the farms where they are produced, tasty, nutritious and have zero trans fat.

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We are more than Nuts Stores!

We also fashion a variety of products and we will continue adding more & more to our stores.

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Why Nuts-Nuts Brownie Cake?

NUTS-NUTS BROWNIE CAKE Serving size: 1 square/ 45 g Cal p/ser: 114 Sat Fat: 3.1 g Mono fat: 2.7 g Cholest: 0.0 mg Total Carb: 11 g Fiber: 2.7 g Sugar: 6.0 g Sodium: 27 mg Protein: 3.6 g GLUTEN FREE COMMERCIAL BROWNIE Serving size: 1 square/ 45 g Cal p/ser: 523 Sat... read more

Introducing our vegan, gluten free VEGETABLE BROTH

100% Organic and natural, with no artificial colorants or flavors, no preservatives, made from organic dried spices and vegetables is non GMO and low sodium! Prepare as easy as 1-2-3 a complete natural vegan vegetable broth, you only need hot boiling water to enjoy a... read more

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Clean & Hydrate® Detox Plan

Why Detox or Cleanse the body?

There are many factors that contribute to weight gain, one of them is the excess of toxins accumulated in our body. When this happens, our body uses the energy away from burning calories to work more on detoxifying itself. When body is efficiently getting rid of the toxins, then energy can be used to burn fat.

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Shape & Lean® Meal Plan

This system is not a diet

Is a way to become healthier and lean, while having the proper intake of nutrients, avoiding waste food or food that can increase blood sugar levels or lead to metabolic syndrome associated diseases. This system applied together with our powder formula supplements can help lower cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy weight.

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