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Today’s lunch was fresh and refreshing…

Today’s lunch was fresh and refreshing as ATA’s guest were going to sail on a yath, so the cottage and vegies cucumber cups, avocado & yellow fin tuna tartar with freah roasted sesame seeds, gluten free chopsuey & mango spring rolls with peanut and... read more

Thank you Ank-herstel…

Thank you Ank-herstel for your wonderfull description about our store and products in your terrific article about Aruba Welllness Month and the places to visit. We are pleased to have met you and had the oportunity to share with you! And thank you @dushijas for your... read more

Sunday gourmet healthy breakfast!

Sunday gourmet healthy breakfast by @nutsnutscom and @canapefactory following an incredible Mistical Yoga Sesion with @cacaoyoga by @marypucci offered by ATA @arubatourism to an amazing group of US press group!... read more

Why Detox your body? – Body & Soul Detox Bliss

Body & Soul Detox Bliss   Why Detox your body?   There are many factors that contribute to weight gain, one of them is the excess of toxins accumulated in our body. When this happens, our body uses the energy away from burning calories to work more on... read more

Catering for OneOeight!

Last week we had the honor to work with on its first retreat in #aruba, a wonderfull group of marvelous people came from different countries to practice yoga, meditate, heal, enjoy and share good energies as well as enjoy the natural wonders of this beautiful #onehappyisland Leaded by the amazing guides @yoga_girl @geraldsaluti @yulady and @stephynow

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Protein Pancake for Dinner

Pancakes for dinner? Yes Please! With our Protein Pancake Mix pancakes are for any time of the day even dinner! No wheat, just oat, almond, seeds and protein makes our pancake mix the best and 100% natural prepared with top quality organic ingredients! and kids love... read more

Shape & Lean

Shape & Lean Plan

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Clean & Hydrate

Clean & Hydrate?

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Skinny Tea

Get Bikini Ready!

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